War and Peace - Lev Tolstoi

Desc: A long novel which describes the Napoleonic Wars from a Russian aristocratic perspective. It features several characters from which the main so far are:


- Count Pierre Bezukhov

- Prince Andrei Bolkonski

- Prince Vasili Kuragin

- Anna Pavlovna

- Princess Helene Kuragina (Vasili's daughter)

- Nikolai Rostov


(33%) Yes, I'm still reading it. I'm just taking it very slowly. It's depressing how badly Russians do in this war against the French they admired so much. The shift towards religion of Pierre is something that puts me off. Usually I don't like Christian characters in Russian classics. They are very annoying! (16-10-2020)

(25%) I'm having quite a bit of fun with War and Peace. The aristocratic beginning makes it feel boring but the writing is smart enough to keep you in track until the next part: it's the preliminaries of the Napoleonic Wars (from a Russian perspective). Also, bear in mind that in some editions French text is not translated (which Russian aristocrats loved to talk). This can be annoying for some people if they don't speak French. It's not a book hard to read. I'm at about 25% of it. (24-09-2020)

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