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Just some Gemini sites I like checking out or insightful articles I've read:

~cmccabe talking about the slow movement.

Probably the person I respect the most in this little world for their stance against the depredation of the Internet.

Solderpunk's thoughts on the Internet

Solderpunk is the one who came up with the Gemini protocol and the reputed so respect. Also their approach to what the Internet is supposed to be helps to understand why Gemini exists and why it's so important. So check the gemlog.


On a different note this guy who is a programmer but I was drawn to his gemsite because he came up with the fun idea of creating a "gemcast". In other words, a podcast served through gemini using a resource minimal ogg format for his audios. An hour podcast weights about 20 MBs. I wish his HTTP articles were here but in gemini his best content are the gemcasts. I'm using metered data so I found it very useful and interesting. Also the guy talks about Linux, Gemini and other similar topics.


Of course if we talk about music we can't forget about konpeito. Their gemsite is pretty self-explanatory but it's a music compilation distributed through the Gemini protocol ONLY. (Some gemini clients don't deal with media content very well but Amfora allows downloads)


He's the creator of Flounder and in his gemlog he talks a bit about the foundations of the project.

Spacewalk (a hub linking tons of gemini sites)


Check the other flounder sites! If you have any suggestions I'll take them if you send them to me with the subject "gemlinks" to my e-mail:

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