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Happy new month! I've been all over the place so barely have had time to check flounder but here I am: A month has passed since the foundation of Still a small project but it's been really fun.

On the other hand, I'm a bit afraid of moving but I wanna do it. I just need to call a few people and get outta here. Also I miss social life (I had some little social life this time of last year).

Musically, I discovered two bands I didn't know or I was too young to enjoy: Republica & Garbage, also Les Rita Mitsuko is amazing. Three women with so much energy back then. ♫ Marcia, elle danse... ♫

Also, I was thinking right now that I'll keep this gemlog but I'll probably need some sort of gemlog in Spanish and will keep it elsewhere.


Haven't been much here because I've taken some time to work in but now I think it's all getting to a point where I can leave people alone. They like the system. I love OpenBSD, I tried to use it also with a graphical environment but it hasn't been easy with VirtualBox. I wrote an article on a blog.

I've felt happy with the project but also sad because other things haven't been done and I really need to take some decisions soon about my personal future. I learned that a friend is doing fine working in something related to open source sdtuff and I'm also happy for her.


Today I wanted to read and stay out of the computer. Didn't succeed.

Someone told me I paid an expensive server. It's not that expensive but it's still double the price. At least the SMTP settings don't look as spammy to Google anymore and I could catch up with the Plan 9 Bootcamp. Drawterm is noticeably more stable now.


I spent last weekend working on a small tilde project called It turns out that I used OpenBSD and it was stranger to work with than I supposed but it's doing fine.


What's the right word for a gemini site? I've read "capsule", "gemsite", "gemlog". What's the right one? Btw I made an account on to have a gopher. It's a small project but it's pretty fun. Yesterday I got a couple of comments (i.e. e-mails) about stuff I've said here. That's amazing!


Happy for the outcome of the election last night. It was a busy day because I had to fly to the city I was registered to vote and then come back but everything went smooth. Also, I didn't complete some of my goals for the week but I'm doing alright. I have to read a couple of books for book clubs and think whether I move these days or stay.


I went to a forest in town near the mountains I never visited before and it was awesome but I'm not in the best shape. I saw some caterpillars, lizards, a horse and got startled by a snake while looking for my water bottle. I always lose water bottles.

I'm a bit stressed by my express trip this weekend.


Maybe it's worth today was the first anniversary of the social protests which albeit important and necessary to an extent made my life a bit more difficult. Next week I'll be very tired for a trip I need to do in order to vote.

I ate all the cookies and tried unsuccessfully to keep on reading War And Peace. I get distracted very easily. My penpal from the US wrote me an email.

Next week my plan is to:

- Pay some stuff

- Go to a park or the forest (and take some pictures)

- Apply to at least 5 positions (harder than it sounds)

- Advance at least 2 chapters in the Python book

- Read at least 200 pages of War & Peace

- Vote


I noticed I lacked a journal or a gemlog and I think it comes in handy. I have other blogs but I'd like to keep this one a bit more about personal things without getting too much into unnecesary details. As I said somewhere else, it was getting involved with the SDF and Mastodon which let me learn about all these little things and all this wonderful people. It's not like Twitter or Reddit where your community is all about opinions and consuming content. The people I've met online these last months are more about doing stuff and using technology consciously to create something fun whether it's content or a tool. That makes them way less politically toxic (even if they have their opinions which I have as well).

What can I say? It's spring in Chile. At this moment I'm thinking whether or not the gym is a good or a bad idea. On the other hand, but they might not open until next year (They open at the last stage of deconfinement in Chile unless they change the rules, it wouldn't surprise me). Also I'm trying to land a job and find a new room to stay. I don't know how long it'll take. Also, I'm relearning Python and Plan9.

I just baked some basic recipe of cookies and it's much easier than the ones I made in the past.